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What should I wear to my family photo session?

For family photos it is best to stick to solid neutral colours within the same colour family. Think greys, ivory, brown, etc. Try to avoid contrasting stripes and patterns, and stay away from any graphics on clothing. Tell the boys to leave the ball caps at home as they cause shadows and we can't fully see their handsome faces! It is best not to have everyone in matching clothing and colours but rather in coulours that complement each other.


How far in advance should I book my photo session?

I am typically booked 6-8 weeks in advance for weekday sessions and 8-10 weeks in advance for weekend sessions, please take that into consideration when contacting me. Sessions take place on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. Wedding dates are limited and I suggest contacting me as soon as possible to book your wedding day.  


How long will it take to receive my digital photos?

My turnaound time for regular sessions is anywhere between 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner. For weddings it is anywhere from 6-8 weeks. 


How will I know how to pose at my boudoir session, and what should I bring?

Probably the most popular question I get asked is about posing for boudoir sessions! I don't expect anyone to know what to do when it comes to posing, which is why I've done all the research and will instruct you what to do every step of the way! There is a misconception out there that photoshop is used in boudoir photography which is incredibly untrue! I have studied lighting and poses and understand how to flatter every womens curves of every shape and size. I do use photoshop in post processing, but mainly to soften skin or remove any unwanted scars or stretch marks (as per my clients requests). I would suggest bringing at least two outfits that make you feel beautiful for your boudoir session. I have a wide array of robes and other accessories that you are welcome to borrow as well. Lacy panties in black or white work best with any of those items if you plan on utilizing them. A pair of neutral heels are a great item to bring if you have them! Please come with a clean face free from any makeup. 


Where do photo sessions take place? Do you have a studio?

For family photo sessions there is a variety of locations I use around the Cowichan Valley depending on what kind of backdrop you are looking for. Seasons here largely determine where the session will take place, one location that looks lovely in the spring may look dry and boring in the summer and winter! If you have a location in mind please let me know, otherwise we will discuss together where to shoot your photos based on the look you have in mind. For boudoir photography I have a studio set up where the photos will take place. 


Will my photos have your logo/watermark on them?

In your online gallery there will be high resolution files with no logo ready to send off for printing and enlarging. I always recommend using a professional printer for your photos so that you will receive the best quality and colour for your photos. 


I see lots of props in your photos, do you provide those?

Yes! All the furniture, accessories, toys, etc are mine and included in your session at your request. 


What happens if its raining the day of my outdoor session?

Living on the West Coast there is always the possibility of rain on the day of your photo session, if this is the case we will reschedule for a day in the future that fits both of our schedules. Sometimes I have had to reschedule up to 3 times, but it always works out in the end! 

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